I feel fortunate to have had Dr. Deluca perform cataract removal surgery on each of my eyes, about 4 months apart. This is routine surgery for ophthalmologists but there was
nothing rote about his communications or his treatment of me. He was clear, patient, informal, and thorough in explaining my options, and flexible in helping me sort through them.  He welcomed and answered all of my questions at every stage and was completely supportive of my decision making process.
With the help of his talented coworker, best optometrist in NYC, I was able to try several different combinations of contact lenses to approximate different post-op vision results.  At my request, Dr. Deluca asked a former patient who had similar visual issues to call and tell me about her experience, By the time I reached a decision I trusted Dr. Deluca 100%,  and this continued through the surgery itself and the followup.  He explained everything that was happening during the operation, which included beautiful kaleidoscopic effects. I am very grateful for the eyesight I have now, still seeing things in my surroundings I had never seen before.  Dr. Deluca is extremely skilled and he puts the interests  and needs of his patients first.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their eyes. ~Yelp